Welcome to Templeton Plumbing's Boilers page.

Buderus and Burnham boilers are my two favorite products for hydronic heat applications (forced hot water/ steam systems).

Buderus is a German company and certainly the oldest manufacturer of boilers in the world.   They have been casting stoves, heating equipment, and cast iron products since 1731.  Their conventional boilers use all Honeywell controls, have stainless steel burner tubes and have a full 3” of insulation (twice that of most U.S. made boilers) to minimize heat loss. 

Buderus also offers a line of wall hung direct vented cast aluminum boilers that are quite efficient (90 – 95%) and vent directly to the outside through the wall.

Either way they make a well engineered, quality product.

Prefer American made?

I can relate, (I drive a Ford and wouldn’t trade it for anything out there).  If that is the case then I would strongly recommend a Burnham Boiler.  American quality made in Pennsylvania.  They have a large variety of boilers to fit most needs, both conventional and wall mounted types.   Good, solid boilers, good solid company.